Long Distance Care

Long Distance Care-Circle of Care Home Caregivers

Long distance care – tips for overcoming the challenges of caregiving for your loved ones from afar – how to ensure a better remote care experience.

Best Tips For Aging In Place

Best Tips for Aging In Place Circleofcarehomecare.com

Growing old is unavoidable, but living independently, and on your terms, can be obtainable. Here are our best tips for aging in place. Consider financial planning options, home modifications, health and wellness, and home care services.

What Is Elder Self-Neglect

Elder Self-Neglect

What Is Elder Self-Neglect? Understand what it is and learn how to recognize the signs. Find available resources, as well as tips on how to respond and care for your loved one with this potentially life threatening behavior.

Sustainable Giving for Small Businesses

Sustainable Giving for Small Businesses

Sustainable Giving for Small Businesses. Create change! This one-hour webinar will help you start and grow an incredible giving program in your own small business.

Tips for Healthy Aging

Tips for Healthy Aging

We all want to age gracefully and not have to deal with the negatives associated with aging. It is possible to still be healthy and active at an older age if you focus on the right areas and implement the right steps.